Udowodniła, że w ciągu 30 sekund może wyglądać szczuplej

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Z cyklu: Nie wierz w to, co widzisz w mediach społecznościowych.

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Portale społecznościowe zalewa masa zdjęć, które mają motywować kobiety do ćwiczeń. Na samym profilu Ewy Chodakowskiej (33 l.) aż roi się od zdjęć "przed" i "po" metamorfozą. Dziewczyny chwalą się, jakie efekty osiągnęły dzięki diecie i ćwiczeniom.

Tymczasem na profilu instagramowym Jess z Orlando na Florydzie, użytkowniczki o nicku PlanKingForPizza pojawiły się dwa zdjęcia, które na pierwszy rzut oka pokazują ciało przed i po metamorfozie.

Okazuje się jednak, że ich autorka i bohaterka nie czekała ani kilku dni, ani tygodni na zrobienie drugiego zdjęcia. Fotka "po" została zrobiona 30 sekund po pierwszej.

O co chodzi autorce zdjęcia?

Internautka postanowiła udowodnić, że każde zdjęcie na Instagramie można w banalny sposób "podkręcić".

Wystarczy, że staniesz przed aparatem pod odpowiednim kątem, wciągniesz brzuch, napniesz wszystkie mięśnie i wciągniesz powietrze. Pamiętaj o ubraniu - radzi internautka. Ona poprawiła sobie dół bikini, co sprawiło, że zniknęły "boczki" widoczne na pierwszym zdjęciu.


Jess przekonuje, że zdjęcia na profilach społecznościowych nie pokazują rzeczywistości. I namawia, by nie przejmować się idealnym światem, jaki pokazują internauci, bo jest on mocno wypracowany i daleki od realu.

Możesz ustawić się pod najlepszym kątem, ukryć fałdki, ale pod koniec dnia staniesz i tak sam na sam ze swoim odbiciem w lustrze - pisze Jess.

🚨 This is not a transformation photo 🚨 This week I've decided to do the 30 second transformation photo. These pics were taken second apart this morning. On the left my posture is poor, I'm pushing my belly out as far as possible, I adjusted my bottoms to show my gross, unsightly and horrid love handles. These are often concealed by my high waisted pants and bottoms that do fit so much better now. As much as it pains me to showcase these, it also proves that my body isn't perfect and that I still have work to do and fat to lose (I'm working so hard to get rid of my love handles and lower tummy fat. Yes it has dramatically reduced already but it still exists and I'm still insecure about it). On the right I'm standing straight and comfortably. I'm lightly flexing and I've adjusted my bottoms to hide my love handles. I'm thankful for bikini bottoms that now fit well and hide these but I'm also trying to show that they still exist quite a bit and that not everything we see meets the eye here on social media. You can show you best angles and hide your flaws but at the end of the day what we chose to showcase is a reflection of ourselves. My body isn't perfect. I still have imperfections and flaws that I'm slowly learning to be comfortable with. I want to be real and honest and open. Yes I've accomplished a lot, but yes my body still has less than ideal days when it doesn't look its best. Fitness and health is not a fix. It's not a destination. It's a lifestyle. If you force your progress you know who you are cheating?! You. You only cheat you. Yes I like to show my best most of the time but I've also realized by not showing my worst that it only harms myself. Being vulnerable and imperfect is hard but lying to yourself is worse. I know I'm hard on myself, it's a flaw on its own, but I'm slowly learning to be gentle and kind but it starts with being truthful to myself and knowing and understanding my imperfections and realizing that, although they exist, they don't define me. I am not a before picture. I am not an after picture. I am not fat nor am I perfect. I'm flawed. I'm scarred. I'm insecure. But I'm learning and I'm hopeful that one day I'll fully love me 💕

Zdjęcie zamieszczone przez użytkownika Jess: My Fitness Journal (@plankingforpizza)

I haven't done a #facetofacefriday in awhile so thought I would today ☺ I always thought, "if only you'd lose weight you'd be prettier" it's a sad thought but it's a true thought nonetheless. And honestly I do feel prettier and I think these pictures are a reflection of that. My eyes are brighter and smile bigger! But I don't think I'm prettier because I've lost weight, I think it's because I'm happier! As Audrey Hepburn says, "happy girls are the prettiest" and I believe this to be true! I never thought my round face and puffy checks would ever shrink. I thought it was just the way my face was made!! When I started noticing a double chin I knew I was in trouble and had to make a change. These pics prove myself wrong though. My face CAN and HAS changed quite dramatically. I feel like I'm looking at 2 different people, and honestly, I am!! At therapy today we talked about a lot of things but what resonated with me was how we, as humans, aren't afraid of fear we are afraid of joy. I wasn't afraid of failure. I was afraid of the happiness I would find and that I still wouldn't be happy with what I accomplished. Because society teaches us that, as women, it's unacceptable to be comfortable and happy within our skin and think we are pretty. I'm afraid to feel these things because when I find that joy Im afraid society will take it away. But I'm not letting that fear hold me back anymore. That's the girl on the left. Fear ruled her life. The girl on the right now let's joy rule her life. It's not a perfect joy everyday, but every day is better than the last 💕

Zdjęcie zamieszczone przez użytkownika Jess: My Fitness Journal (@plankingforpizza)

Toothpaste mirror bathroom selfie because it's dark and raining outside 😂 Ok babes question for you all. If you're grossed out by bathroom talk you might want to skip over this post 💩 sorry if this is TMI, but I've been having this problem for awhile and I was just curious if any of you all have experienced anything similar. At first I thought it was a girly issue because the pain happens where girls get cramps. Basically it's this intensely sharp pain and I feel like I'm being stabbed in my lower abdomen. It's. So. Uncomfortable. My doctor gave me the all clear and said it's probably an intestinal problem since it doesn't always happen around that time of month but I'm too afraid to go to a GI specialist 😂 I'm 99% certain it's a food intolerance because it always happens within the hour after eating. It's an infrequent occurrence (maybe once a month) but when it happens it's just the worst and I feel all bloated, gassy, and generally uncomfortable for a few days after. It happened this weekend and I'm still feeling the effects. Fortunately the sharp pains last an hour or so but they can take my breath away from discomfort and nothing really relieves it except time. It's definitely not a stomach ache either. My guess is it's a gluten or dairy sensitivity since those seem to be common. I'm thinking of trying an elimination diet to see if I feel any better without one of these, but because it doesn't happen that often, I'm not sure how effective that will be. I won't do them both at once because then I won't know which one is the culprit. But just curious if any of you with food sensitivities have experienced this or something similar and what you did/ do to find relief?

Zdjęcie zamieszczone przez użytkownika Jess: My Fitness Journal (@plankingforpizza)

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