Wystrojona Kim, a za nią płacząca North, czy niezadowolony Kanye – niektóre ze zdjęć, jakie paparazzi robią rodzinie Kardashianów aż proszą się o sparodiowanie.

Dwie dziewczyny, Katie Yuko i Kathleen E. Lee stworzyły profil na Instagramie, na którym właśnie parodiują zdjęcia słynnej rodziny.

Małgorzata Rozenek doczekała się swojej parodii na Instagramie

Zaczęły od przebierania się za Kim i Kanye, a teraz wcielają się również w ich dzieci, a także resztę klanu Kardashian. Zobaczymy m.in. Kendall czy Kourtney w nieco innej wersji.


Step up in this b**** like…. we were just featured in the @dailymail (?!?😱) #westillgotit . 📸 @__kives . . Another day another surprise from the weird world of West parody. 2018 ain’t bad 🤷‍♀️ While you’re here though as per usual we got something for your consideration: @timesupnow – as women this is extremely important to us. This is a legal fund for women to fight sexual harassment and assault. Times up on gender disparity especially those women facing compounded discrimination because of race, sexual orientation, gender, religion, etc. We love our weird fun hobby (and our other one @saybiblepodcast) but we’re also women with powerful voices and a platform so thank you for allowing us to share (special shout out to male allies @lhlny) 🙏🙏🙏🙏 #timesup

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Not smiling makes me smile 😐 #thestruggleisreal 📸 @__kives . . We hope you are all surviving the first week of 2018. It’s already shaping up to be a wild one 😩 there’s a whole lot of stuff to think about and care about. We hope we provide some needed laughter but also keep encouraging you to do good in this world, especially for those less fortunate. Make your voices heard most importantly: @resistbot, @5calls, @indivisibleteam all help guide you on how to get in touch with your reps as well as inform you on the latest issues. @sheshouldrun, @rise_to_run , @runwrun are helping inspire and prep women to run for office. @voteamericanow and @letamericavote are helping engage voters and keep elections fair and free. @collectivepac is helping get progressive black candidates elected. Plus there are lots of amazing people who share their wisdom regularly here and on Twitter @mspackyetti @clintsmithiii @shannonrwatts @celeste_pewter There’s a lot more and we’ll keep posting resources. And if you don’t like it and want us to stick to dressing like celebrity babies in silence, y’all know how to unfollow 🙏 . . Last but not least for self-care and yes we also talking about the serious stuff in between #KylieBumpWatch and the cultural impact of the sitcom Romeo! – @saybiblepodcast has new eps every week 🎙

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