Hailey Wait zmaga się poważną formą trądziku torbielowatego. Jej twarz pokryta jest pęcherzykami, które sprawiają dziewczynie ból. Postanowiła jednak, że już ma dosyć ukrywania się pod mocnym makijażem. Zadecydowała pokazać trądzik i przekazać innym osobom, że nie warto przejmować się czymś takim tak błahym.

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From childhood to where I am now, I’ve always known that everything has a personality. From a young age it was always hard for me to decipher faces and expressions and I couldn’t read emotions as easily as other people could, so in order to cope with that I assigned a personality to everything I saw. Doors were always smiling. Cars had eyes. Flowers emitted love and their hearts were full. It broke my heart to see their stems clipped. If I dropped a stack of paper I would cry because I had accidentally destroyed a Paper Family and even if I put everything together again, I knew the paper was still sad. And I didn’t want to make anything sad. This way of coping has honestly never left me and it still breaks my heart to see so much negativity in the world. When I bullied other girls as a child I would always cry at the end of the day because I had made someone sad and I couldn’t take it back. I knew what it was like to be bullied at home and when I began inflicting my pain onto others, it only made it feel worse. Social media is weird because I see so many different sides to people and some say things they wouldn’t ever say to my face. I say things that I regret occasionally and I’m not perfect of course but I guess I just don’t understand how some people can hurt others so easily without remorse. I don’t understand it. I know the Aspergers stereotype is all about the lack of emotion but for me it’s the opposite because I used empathy as a coping mechanism. As much as I try sometimes it’s impossible for me to fully hate someone. Please treat everything in your life with gentleness, because I’ve noticed that nowadays it’s a lot easier to be filled with hate than it is to show compassion. (With that being said there’s still people commenting about my acne and I’m gonna be a little snappy because they obviously didn’t read the caption)

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