Masz dość oglądania zawsze idealnych brzuchów blogerek fitness? Zajrzyj na Instagram Victorii Dariano. Niedawno pokazała coś, co zaskoczyło wszystkich.

Ta blogerka odsłania prawdę o fit zdjęciach na Instagramie!

Każda kobieta wie, co oznacza PMS, czyli zespół napięcia przedmiesiączkowego. Jednym z jego objawów jest opuchlizna na brzuchu.

Victoria, która na co dzień może się pochwalić umięśnionym brzuchem, pokazała jak wygląda przed okresem. Jeśli myśleliście, że fitnessek z Instagrama problem opuchlizny nie dotyczy, myliliście się. Nie chronią przed tym nawet mięśnie.

Co więcej, Victoria mówi, że jeśli podczas PMS źle się czuje i nie ma ochoty na ćwiczenia, po prostu odpuszcza.

Nie mogła schudnąć, więc wycięła ŻEBRA. Jest szczuplejsza, ale…

Zdjęcie udostępniła po to, aby kobiety nie czuły się winne, gdy w tym okresie rezygnują z treningu. Mówi, że najważniejsze to pozwolić sobie na odpoczynek i słuchać swojego ciała.

Let's talk about periods, sorry guys if that's TMI. – DISCLAIMER: this post isn't about how I look, but instead how I feel. I am not making a sad face due to the appearance of this but INSTEAD the pain, discomfort and exhaustion I was feeling. – Yesterday I woke up and my stomach was like the left (WITH flexing) and not upset. Over the course of 4-5 hours I started getting really bad cramps and bloating which led to this photo on the right. I wish I could say I was sticking out my tummy, but no. It's extremely bloated and feels as hard as rock. – I struggle a lot with PMS and symptoms during my period: 1. I have zero to no energy 2. Feeling depressed – I start feeling down and numb and not like myself 3. Cramps, these SUCK 4. Extreme bloating, discomfort and water retention 5. Upset stomach and gas 6. Moody and emotional – Sometimes when you have symptoms like this you have to listen to your body. I wanted to train, but I was uncomfortable and exhausted. I decided to rest, and do what was best at the time. Go a little easier on yourself when it's the time of the month and you are stressed out. Get extra rest, don't stress about workouts and eat some treats if you feel like it ❤️ – Also follow @carolinetusiuk to learn how to regulate your hormones and manage your PMS symptoms.

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I feel free. – For a while I held onto competing because I felt like it was where I belonged. I felt like it was where I had to stay. I remember that feeling of wanting to pursue other things but also the pressure that I had to keep doing what I was doing. – The idea of telling anyone that I wanted to try acting left me feeling so anxious. Thoughts of what people would think ran through my head "she isn't pretty enough, she isn't talented enough, she doesn't have what it takes." I kept thinking these things, and kept thinking that's what others would think also. I've come to understand that these were my own insecurities and projections. Yes, perhaps some will think those exact things. However at the end of the day it doesn't matter. All the matters is that I am happy, I don't think those thoughts and that I believe in myself. – I think the reason I love acting is because I've always had a big imagination and I've always loved to express myself. With depression sometimes I feel numb and with acting it forces me to feel. I feel pain, sadness, anger, laughter and happiness, and there is something so liberating about it, being able to really feel. It forces me to be vulnerable and open and to let go of what others think. It forces me to love the person I am as that is the person I need to trust. That feeling of truly being in the moment and free. – The feeling of being in he moment and free was the main reason I used to love the gym. Up until recently I no longer enjoyed the gym. The thought of it gave me anxiety, it made me miserable. I feel so empowered lately as I have finally found that joy and that passion again. Working out because I ENJOY it and that's it, as simple as that. – I've stopped placing so much pressure and expectations on myself. I've stopped constantly worrying about what others think. I've stopped trying to change every single thing about me. – This is who I am, and I am proud to say it. The only person you should try to please is yourself. People will always doubt you. Some will try to bring you down. As Arnold says "Don’t Listen to the Naysayers." – Follow your heart. Follow your dreams. REGARDLESS of what anyone has to say. 📸 @karlogomez

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This picture represents a sense of freedom, and this is how I have been feeling lately: free. As I sit here and reflect on this happiness I feel I think about the things I no longer do, these things I thought would forever control me. – As I sat down yesterday to eat at a restaurant I didn't suddenly label the food as good or bad, I just ordered. I didn't feel anxious and a tightening in my chest when I looked at the menu. As I ate my mind did not shift to "all or nothing thinking" and I ate till I was satisfied not feeling anxiety forcing me to keeping eating during this "allotted" time frame. I no longer thought about how this food would make me look. I no longer felt guilty about eating. I didn't think about how "fat" I would look the next day and how disgusting I would feel, because I wouldn't, I now knew this. – I didn't wake up today thinking of myself as a failure, or constantly assessing myself in the mirror and grabbing my body and pinching the skin. I don't feel the need to eat less today or workout excessively to make up for the "extra" food. – I woke up feeling like myself. I can't express how incredible this feels as for so long it hasn't been this way. I no longer feel trapped in my mind, with food and body image controlling me. I've let go of this pressure I've placed on myself. The pressure of wanting to be "perfect" to be approved by everyone. – The only person you want to love you, is yourself. Self-love is a beautiful, life changing thing.

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